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Intelligence Retail is the leading provider of AI solutions for Retail.

Intelligence Retail provides tailored, data-driven digital merchandising solutions that reduce retail audit costs, drive sales, boost profitability and build customer loyalty. Leveraging our deep expertise in computer vision and AI, Intelligence Retail helps consumer goods companies improve their retail execution process and unlock revenue opportunities with innovative market measurement services. In addition to mobile phones and tablets, Intelligence Retail partners with leading innovators of IOT technologies including fixed cameras, robotics, and more, to capture retail reality in store. 

Within Intelligence Retail, Sales representatives could receive detailed product information including out-of-shelf, share of shelf, planogram, pricing and promotional compliance which is delivered to their mobile phones within seconds right in the store.

Intelligence Retail’ credentials include solutions for Fortune 1000 brands and grocery retailers, including global market leaders. We are proud to work with world known brands like Danone, X5 Retail group, Moscow Beer Company etc.

Around 20000 SKUs and over 2 millions of images are recognized monthly

Our partners

Intelligence Retail partners extends our capabilities and resources when we deliver results and make customers happy. We share a common sense that our platform can unlock for CPG manufacturers and retailers revenue opportunities. We welcome companies for partnership all over the world. Let’s digitalize Merchandising together!

Intelligence Retail partners eco system
Technology Partners

We partner with the most powerful IT Vendors to enrich existing offerings and build scalable big data platform

Field Marketing

We partner with field marketing agencies which offer end customers added expertise in understanding in-store conditions based on image recognition technology

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